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Sports Injuries

Don’t Grin and Bear It, Let Acupuncture put you back on track……

We’re famously a nation that doesn’t like to make a fuss but new statistics from the British Acupuncture Council reveal that when it comes to pain nearly half of Brits (44%) just Grin And Bear It, which could impact on long term health and wellbeing.

According to the report released for Acupuncture Awareness Week (7th-13th March), almost three in ten Brits (29%) exercise more now than they did ten years ago but more than half (52%) say they’ve been injured during sport in the past, and one in three (30%) claim to have never recovered from their injuries.

To overcome a sporting injury, almost three in five people (56%) say they take oral painkillers, and nearly a third (32%) turn to ice and heat packs, compared to just 11% who opt for traditional acupuncture.

Muscles and Tendons are damaged either through overuse or from trauma, resulting in localised swelling, pain and restricted movement, especially around the joint involved. Over time these damaged muscles and tendons, if not treated correctly, can shorten which may cause other body structures to be pulled out of alignment leading to more chronic pain and discomfort that is harder to fix.

As a qualified member of the British Acupuncture Council I find that many people put up with pain when they don’t need to. Often discomfort from musculoskeletal problems is alleviated with early diagnosis and treatment. Acupuncture is an evidence based therapy which has been shown to help reduce pain and swelling, release tension, increase blood flow at the site of injury, help restore movement and promote recovery in the shortest possible time.

Other techniques such as Moxa, Cupping or Auricular Therapy may be used as part of your treatment, to improve the efficacy of the acupuncture, depending upon the presenting condition.

In my experience, a lot of patients either ignore their injury or opt for painkillers and anti-inflammatory drugs without ever being physically examined. Painkillers often mask the problem and don’t always address any potential underlying issues. Acupuncture helps to identify the root cause of a problem to improve your understanding and management of the symptoms and bring about a more positive and long-term outcome.

Acupuncture aims to promote recovery and restore your energy levels to Feel Good and Achieve More!

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