Pregnancy Acupuncture

Pregnancy is a wonderfully unique experience.

Your body undergoes many changes during pregnancy and the good thing is Acupuncture has the ability to support all of these changes.

Easing some of the physical discomforts of pregnancy can make life so much easier, and if you are coping better, you and your baby will feel great throughout the nine months.

Research has shown that anxiety or stress in pregnancy may affect the developing baby. High adrenaline levels in the mother are mirrored by the baby, who is more likely to be unsettled after birth and suffer from infantile colic. Acupuncture is great for releasing tension and helping mothers to relax and enjoy their pregnancy.

Skillfully applied, Acupuncture Treatments for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond can be especially beneficial. In my clinic, most women have regular treatments all the way through their pregnancy, and postpartum period to stay in their “best state of health”.

If you have any concerns about Miscarriage, have Morning sickness, Heartburn, Pelvic Pain [SPD], General Aches and Pains, Stress incontinence, Constipation or Headaches then please come to see me.

Towards the latter end of pregnancy, the baby turns into the optimal, cephalic or head down presentation, however, a certain percentage of babies don’t turn and are seen as either Breech, Transverse or Shoulder presentations.

If your baby happens to be a Breech, Transverse or Shoulder presentation then don’t panic. There is a growing body of statistical evidence that states, a gentle Acupuncture treatment using Moxa, at week 33 and even up until week 36, can encourage the baby to move into the optimal cephalic, [head down] presentation, thus avoiding medical intervention, so don’t leave it till the last minute when you know you can do something about this…

Pre-birth Acupuncture around week 37 is yet another area of importance and is the ideal method for effectively reducing the amount of time spent in labour….

Any new mum will tell you childbirth can be a daunting prospect. However knowing your baby is in the perfect position before birth, that your cervix and pelvis have soften to adjust and accommodate the extra room needed during delivery and that your contractions stay strong during labour, can all make for a much more comfortable and less overwhelming experience.

Your general body energy often needs an extra boost at the latter end of pregnancy as the baby is using much of it to grow, so a little boost of acupuncture at this stage works wonders.

After week 40 Acupuncture treatments are geared towards facilitating the downward movement of the baby through the birthing canal. It is also a good time to discuss the options available to you during labour and any other concerns you may have.

I will also teach you and your birthing partner how to use Acupressure for natural pain relief, which can make a great deal of difference to the levels of pain experienced during childbirth.

Little Bundles of joy bring much happiness

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