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Acupuncture helps you to feel good, so you can achieve more, and get back to doing the things you love best.

In today’s world we are all working longer hours and are having to deal on a fairly regular basis with added stress and emotional upsets, either at work or in the home.

This puts a lot of extra pressure on our body’s immune system, and the flight-fight responses, which, if not dealt with properly, may eventually lead to all sorts of health problems and muscular injuries.

Acupuncture treatments aim to correct these body imbalances by encouraging the normal healing responses to take effect, allowing the body to readjust and strengthen itself in a more natural way. Muscular damage is repaired using a combination of diet and acupuncture, to help realign body structures, improve muscular tone and promote recovery.

Please phone or email me to discuss the benefits of acupuncture for yourself.

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